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Why choose us
Our programme is based on UK Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. We endeavour to provide a warm and friendly atmosphere and a challenging programme and environment for every child.

What The Brand Offers

UK based Curriculum - Early Years Foundation Stage Framework
Training provided by our In-house EYFS Trainers
Media & Pre Management & Merchandising
Social Media Awareness on Marketing
Interactive Humanoid
Advertising & Marketing
Interactive Sessions with UK Preschools
Parent & Teacher workshop
Site visits and inspections by Eminent Professionals
Indoor Infrastructure & Educational Equipment & Toys provided
Day to Day Operational Support
Software Support

Pre requisites

An area of 1000 – 1500 sq ft
Preferably an Individual house with outdoor area.
Owned or Rented
If rented the first minimum year of rental agreement needs to be for 3 years.
Graduate Teachers with Excellent Command in English to be recruited.


Only the rental, monthly maintenance & the salary of the teachers would come in as the monthly expenses




For a Franchisee the prime concern is to fully maximize their investment. When you become a Little Buddy Kindergarten Franchisee you receive territorial exclusivity for a radius of 3 Km. In addition, we also help you to plan exclusive Little Buddy Kindergarten After school programs and summer activities to further ensure that your Little Buddy Kindergarten campus is fully utilized all year long.
Little Buddy Kindergarten Franchisees enjoy territorial exclusivity over their exclusive area that provides a substantial target population base.
Successful Little Buddy Kindergarten Franchisees combine the accumulated Little Buddy Kindergarten company knowledge and resources with their own entrepreneurial talents and initiative to create a successful, thriving education business.
Experienced, business professionals with available investment capital.

Entrepreneurs who have the means and skills to fund and operate a business with massive growth potential.

People who understand the importance and value of quality education for young children.

Thinkers with the necessary insight to promote the industry’s best educational programmes.

Individuals with connections in government ministries and private industries.
As a Little Buddy Kindergarten Franchisee, you will enjoy unlimited direct contact with the Corporate Office for administrative, operational, marketing and pedagogic support. To support your efforts, we provide a comprehensive training course and an Operation manual that extensively covers every area and detail.
No. You do not need previous preschool or childcare experience to own a Little Buddy Kindergarten. The company provides the training to the Franchisee on the multiple aspects that govern the running of a school.
The profitability of your franchise business all depends on you and the effort that is put in along with the support that the company gives. The gross revenue and net income of our franchise schools varies widely from franchisee to franchisee.
It usually takes 2 to 3 weeks to complete a preschool project. Identifying and selecting a location, taking the necessary permissions and weather conditions can require additional time.
Yes. You will have a 3 km radius of protection around your school where no other Little Buddy Kindergarten may be located.
Yes, we will help you analyse the demographics of the available sites in your area and evaluate them in terms of price, location and accessibility. We also offer a full set of plans and specifications individual to your location and will assist you in all phases of setting up the preschool.
We will conduct initial operations management training for you and your staff. In addition, we will provide approximately one weeks intense EYFS training for the teachers at your school prior to opening. Your entire staff will receive periodic, ongoing training support from Little Buddy Kindergarten.
Just call our franchise department at 9550698900 We look forward to working with you to achieve your dream!
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With Little Buddy, we always put the quality of teaching children first.
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